Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our favorites those first two months

As the new year approaches most of us are reflecting on 2014. In doing so I am also reflecting on my first year with Barker. So, I thought it would be nice to share some of mine and Barker's favorite things.

I've decided to kick things off by starting at the beginning.

Barker's Nursery Before He Came Home
Here are our essential favorites those first two months after Barker was born:

1. Swing

With the exception of when we traveled for the holidays, Barker hung out in here quite a bit those first few months. It kept him happy and out of the way of the dog. Also, as great place to keep him contained but able to look around while Mommy tried to get things done around the house. Naturally, he took most of his naps in the swing until we transitioned to the crib at 3 months.

2. Hammock

Most people probably do not have a hammock, but I highly recommend one like ours that hangs from the ceiling. Ours is outside while we are in FL, but I think I'll want it inside if we every move up North. I've read that a lot of Moms use excercise balls to bounce their babies and get them to calm down. The hammock was my go to spot. The way you sit in it, it becomes nearly impossible for baby to fall out. It's a perfect swing/rocker, and a good little change of pace. We still love our hammock time, especially for reading. =)

3. Pack-n-Play
 Living in a 2 story house can mean a lot of going up and down the stairs. I use the changing table a lot in his room, but when you are changing diapers 10Xs a day in the beginning, it's nice to have a pack-n-play with a changing station downstairs. In the beginning I used it to also store his toys, and it had a bassinet. We've also used pack-n-plays for sleeping when we travel, and containing him for play as he got older.

4. Swaddles

The swaddle was the perfect thing to keep Barker warm and cozy as he slept in his bare bed. It also kept him from waving an arm and waking himself up. As he got older he started to sleep with his arms out, and now he has a sleep sack. But I think it is the perfect cozy clue that it is time for sleeping, and I like that it keeps him warm like a blanket.

5. Diaper Bag/Purse combo
 I started out with a diaper bag AND my purse, but that is just crazy for toting around. And in the beginning, you have a lot of items to take when you have baby. (Probably even more so when you're a first time Mom ;)) I quickly found a large diaper bag that could double as my purse and ordered it from Kohl's. I love it! Now that he is older I've downsized to something smaller, but I'll probably switch back when we have another one.

8.Video Baby Monitor
I love being able to check in on Barker and see what he is doing. Babies make so many sounds and at first it's hard to tell what is going on based on sound alone. The video helps give me peace of mind that everything is okay. Our monitor also sends alerts us when there is sound or movement so we do not have to keep it on constantly. Ooo and it allows us to play music and white noise. My favorite was "ocean sounds." 

7. Nursing Tank Tops
When you're nursing a newborn every 2-3hours for 30minutes+ at a time, comfort and ease is key. 
Honorable Mentions: boppie, burp cloths (Barker spit up a LOT),  pacifiers, changing table liners, mittens, baby play mat/floor gym

And of course, tons of diapers, wipes, and love. =)
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