Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Morning!

Yesterday we had our "Christmas Morning" with Barker and Sahara.
I love wrapping and displaying the presents. =)

Barker's big gift this year is a slide! And it was the first thing he went for. =)

Then he walked over to inspect the presents.

He really enjoyed pulling off the bows. The rest of the unwrapping buisness was not as exciting.

The first gift he got was foam letters and numbers. They were a BIG hit.
His Bible got a few seconds of attention.
 But he lost interest in pretty much everything else until...

He got his train book, complete with a pull-back train that runs around on a track in the book. =)

I stuck a bow on his head a couple of times, but some how he got them stuck in other places too. This was my favorite. ;)

What a very happy morning. For all of us! After the excitement of opening presents Barker took a 2hr+ nap! =)

Merry Christmas!

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