Tuesday, December 16, 2014

First Trip Away From Baby

We made it!

This past weekend was my first time spending the night away from Barker since he's been born and we survived just fine. ;)
I think the anticipation of leaving Barker and him not understanding where Mommy has gone was the worst part. The actual trip away went quickly and baby did not have any melt downs. (Neither did I! =))

Of course it's easier when you know he is in good hands (his Grandma Harrison who has a pretty good resume of 3 successful boys herself) and we get pictures of him smiling and having fun.

Meanwhile, Brett and I were very busy ourselves in NYC!

My feet are very tired now but here are some highlights:
I got to read a book for the first time in 2 months!

 Trying new cuisine in cool new places.

Catching up with Zachary! He moved to NYC last summer.
Dinner at "Dear Irving," a 20's inspired restaurant, complete with live strings and singing.
 Walking through Central Park while eating roasted Almonds

We saw Jersey Boys! It was sooo good. And of course we walked through a very bright and crowded Times Square.

Brett was very excited to try some street meat.
 Fancy Dinner in Bryant Park, followed by a fancy "room drop" gift. (I should mention this was a work incentive trip that included spouses; they gave us excursions to pick and nice dinners every night.)

Noodles and Tea. Very, very good.

Radio City's Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes! It was amazing.

We "snuck-in" to the Plaza and checked out the decorations.

The trip ended with a flaired out Christmas party on the top floor of our hotel.

So, can you tell that I like to take pictures? ;) 

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