Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Baby Locked Me Out!

Now that Barker is crawling I am careful to shut the back sliding door whenever I take the dog outside. However, a few days ago, I discovered something else I need to be mindful of...

It was in the low 90's and I had just left Sahara on her chain because she needed some outside time. I then turned to come back into the house and discovred that the back sliding door wouldn't open! The latch that locks it had been flipped down! There have been a few rare occasions where the latch has jiggled and locked on it's own, but when I looked down I could see that was not the case this time. My very curious 8 month old had found the nearly invisible latch and locked me out of the house.

First I was a bit amused and wished I had my phone and could take a picture. Then it occurred to me, my 8 month old is locked inside the house by himself and I don't even have my phone with me to call someone!

Luckily Barker was laughing the whole time, apparently seeing your Mommy on the other side of dog slobbered glass is amusing. I kept pointing to the latch and hoping he could push it back into place while also praying my husband would be home from work soon. The first couple times Barker touched the latch but only continued to push it down. I had my hand in position though to quickly open the door should he push it up.

It seemed like a long time but in the end he figured it out and I was probably only locked out 5 minutes. But boy am I glad God was watching out for us that day!

Since then I've seen Barker switch the latch again a couple times, but luckily I was inside with him. I guess it's time to hide a key...

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