Thursday, July 17, 2014

Little Explorer

Now that Barker is on the move (crawling) his first exploration stage has begun! It's so fun to see him discover the world for himself, although it's also exhausting constantly redirecting and picking things up.

The other day Barker crawled into the kitchen while I was making lunch. I didn't think there was anything at his level that isn't baby friendly so I let him explore. A few minutes later my husband entered the kitchen and asked about the soaking wet baby on the floor playing with our dog's water bowl. Barker was having the time of this life! haha It wasn't as much fun when Mommy forced him to change his clothes though. ;)

Outside of Daddy's Office

He continues to find new things every day. The dog's cage (chasing puppy is soooo fun), fake trees, tables, tons of wires, and Daddy's office.

I wonder what we'll discover next...
Starting to pull himself up!

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