Saturday, April 26, 2014

Changes for Puppy Once Baby Arrived

Our dog (Sahara) is big. Small for an Alaskan Malamute, but still a good 72lbs, strong and a little pushy. I lovingly refer to her as a punk and those who know her tend to agree as they can't help but smile at the things she does.

Before our son was born she was already snatching food off the counter when our backs were turned, but now that Barker is here she is taking advantage. Twice she has finished off my lunch (even an entire 6" sub once!) while I was quickly changing a diaper or otherwise tending to our infant. My friends joke that they are in "cahoots." Barker cries so Sahara can swoop in and grab a snack. Then one night I had just finished experimenting with a new dinner idea and it was finally finished to eat. I took it hot out of the oven and plated it, heard that the baby still wasn't settling down for a nap and went to check on him. Jokingly I texted my husband to make sure the dog didn't eat our dinner... About 5 minutes later he came upstairs to ask where it was. She had eaten the whole thing! Ohhh Sahara. I should have known better.

Aside from her normal shenangeans I could tell she wasn't too fond of the new baby. Every time she came near him it seemed we were telling her to back off so I shouldn't have been surprised that she didn't like me helping him pet her. Luckily he is winning her over.

Every time he's on the floor downstairs he is looking for Sahara. He talks to her all day long, giggles when she growls and attempts to crawl towards her. Just this past week he figure out how to roll with a purpose and now she's in trouble. Yesterday he got her in a choke hold! It seems she is beginning to like this new attention though. Check out what I caught on video yesterday:

The best of pals in the making. =)

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