Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We Can Play Outside Again!

Woohoo it's finally cooling down around here with highs in the mid 80's so we can play outside again!

I'm working on gradually building our new daily routine now that I have two little boys to tend to, and outside time is very necessary. Barker and I get stir crazy while stuck in the house and Beckett (Little Brother) enjoys being worn so we often take morning walks

or just play in the front yard/driveway.

Today I started experimenting with a set morning nap time for Beckett so I put him in his swing in our room with the monitor,

 then took Barker to the front yard.
Without a baby strapped to me we were able to get a little more creative with the chalk today. 

And since Fall in FL is more of a second phase of summer, we created our own Fall fun.

And Beckett took a nice 2hr nap!

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1 comment:

  1. What a creative mommy and son's. I especially love the falling leaves on the sidewalk in a land where there are no falling leaves on the sidewalk :)