Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introducing Solids

Barker has been eating solids for over a month now! I exclusively breast-fed for 6 months so sometimes when I look up what he should be eating when, I feel a little behind. But, he'll be eating all sorts of things eventually and my own research and pediatrition agreed that exclusively breast feeding for the first 6 months is best for baby in the long run. I also think by the time we started solids he was very ready and I'm thankful that (so far) I've never had trouble getting him to eat. It's probably one of his favorite things. =)

I'm trying to add foods to his diet that are good for him (all fruits and veggies and single grain foods right now) but also items Brett and I eat as well. My goal is to eventually have him eat a babified version of what we eat for dinner. Tonight we'll get to kind of do that for the first time when we have baked sweet potatoes!

In the meantime, my friend shared this handy chart that I have since printed and hung on the fridge to check off as we go. I find it very helpful and simple to read so I thought I'd post it here and share! Enjoy and bon appetit!

(We're introducing something new every 5-7 days as recommended)

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